About Pete

Pete Single started metalsmithing in 1991. Being a very gifted precision shooter, he purchased a basic machine shop to customize his own firearms for extreme accuracy because he could not find gunsmithing services to do all the accuracy work he wanted to experiment with.

In 1992 he started offering a precision machine service to pistolsmiths around the country. His client base spans all 50 states in the last 28 years, including many top pistolsmiths, professional shooter, law enforcement, military and manufacturers.

His main business started with precision metal checkering the frontstrap of 1911’s, using the aid a 4th rotary axis on a milling machine to allow him to machine around the radial contours of the frame. He perfected the process to the ‘point’ where filing each checkered tooth was not necessary. This took a huge burden off pistolsmith relieving them of time-consuming process of checkering by hand with files. Now they could offer precision metal checkering to everyone at a reasonable price in a timely fashion.

Pete developed the 25 lpi checkering pattern in 1992. At the time pistol smith’s only had the choice of checkering files of 20-30-40 lines per inch. With the use of a milling machine, Pete could dial in any number he wanted for any lines per inch he wanted. 20 lpi was too coarse/sharp for most shooters, and 30-40 lpi being too fine. 25 lpi seems to be the perfect texture and quickly has became the industry standard.